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Covid-19: Two new 'care emojis' come to FB to show support to troubled relatives and friends

People have been forced to stay indoors during the Coronavirus epidemic. Many cities have been locked down to prevent the spread of the virus. People cannot meet their family and friends. People are connecting through social media and showing support in times of trouble.

Social media giant Facebook has added two new care emojis for its website and messenger. One of these emoji is haggard while the other is heart-shaped. These new emojis have been released for users to use. Hug emoji can be used while texting in Heart Emoji Messenger to react to Facebook posts.

This emoji can be used to show support to people, including relatives and friends, who have been affected by the Corona epidemic. Alexandru Voica, Facebook tech manager, tweeted the news.

This emoji can be used to respond to photos, text messages, or videos sent by users on social media and to show support against Covid-19. It is worth mentioning that in this time of the Corona crisis, social media is helping people to connect.

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