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An iPhone Lying in the River was found two months later

Usually any phone gets worse after falling in the water. However, some premium Smartphone that come with waterproof ratings can stay in the water longer. Then if the Apple iPhone is talked about it can stay for up to 2 months without getting worse underwater. Such a tremendous durability of the phone came to light when a woman discovered her iPhone 8 in London's Thames river two months ago.

The bag of 29-year-old Bussolo Vieira's new iPhone fell into the Thames when she was feeding the ducks on February 8. She was panicking when the phone fell in her pocket. Because his phone had thousands of photos that he had no backup. He also decided to leap into the river once to prevent the iPhone 8 from deteriorating, but over time he became alarmed. Thus he explained to himself that the phone would not be returned and his photo would never be returned.

After two months of making the phone out of the river , she reached the part of the river where her phone had fallen, along with her fiancé. This time he found his phone at the bottom of the river. There was happy to see her favorite phone. After this she returned home and thought about ordering a fishing net online. But he did not find the trap he needed. So he made a net himself and decided to use it to get the phone out of the river.

The next day Thesis again accompanied him fiancé to the place where the phone was. After 40 minutes of hard work, he got his phone back. There was no estimate of whether This would turn on the phone. On his way home, however, he put the phone in a bowl of rice. The next day the phone is ejected and connected to the charger. There was nothing beyond the joy of These. His phone rang and all the photos were also recovered.

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