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5 Common Digital Marketing Problems and their Best Solutions

We were using traditional media for reaching a large number of people but it was too costly. But now digital marketing has come. As compared to digital media it is relatively cheaper in terms of cost of maintenance and cost of setup. Every aspect of the trade can be run by digital marketing. With the use of digital marketing a trade can grow very well and can increase its value. But in spite of all this many problems are being faced by digital marketing like how to increase the conversion and engagement. Now I will describe 5 common digital marketing problems and their solutions.

1. To increase social traffic - While considering social media, we often discuss engagement, shares and fans. But the requirement of our trade is to use it in increasing social traffic and also the conversion. If someone has a large number of engagements, shares or fans on social media but does not get too much traffic then he has to increase his website followers. You have to pay a certain amount of money to increase your conversion. But if you increase your website followers and convert them into leads then you don’t have to pay much money. 
If you want your followers to have an idea about the latest offers and new items of your trade then you need back-linking of your website.
2. To decrease the bounce rate - A 40-60 % bounce rate shows that among the people visiting your website, half of the people return back without clicking further on it. So, in order to increase your website traffic, you have to decrease the bounce rate because if more and more people click on the pages of your website then the chances of your traffic to increase will get better.
Sources of traffic, design of website and speed of your site are the reasons for increased bounce rate. You need to look at your website pages having high bounce rate, sources of traffic and also you must increase your website speed.
3. Budget for small PPC campaigns - If you are paying for your ads on Google then only 41 % of the ads will be clicked by the people on google for the top 3 paid ads. But sometimes it is not possible to arrange the required budget by some small trades. So, always invest by using your mind.
You should invest for a short period of time and not for the entire year. By doing this also you can increase your conversion.
4. To improve your click through rate - Depending on your list quality and segmentation, the average click through rate of your trade will be 3.5 %. You can use CAN-SPAM legislation and also do messaging to people before you actually begin the process of email marketing. After this you have to reach a large number of people.
An irrelevant message will result in a decreased click through rate. You should do segmentation. Only the type of audience who wants a clear value proposition after getting the message should receive your message.
5. To make local rankings better - If you are searching something on Google which is on the top of the page then you will get 33 % of the traffic with it. It means that your business will get benefited if the keyword of your website is on the top of the page.
You should consult a digital marketing agency in Delhi to know more about the problems of digital marketing and how to solve them.
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