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Samsung Smart TV Under 13000

Samsung has added new options to the currently available smart television range. The South Korean tech brand has now unveiled new devices in the #fubelievable TV series. The new smart TV has many features like personal computer mode, content guide, music system and internet browsing capabilities.

Samsung's new lineup includes two screen models 32 inches and 43 inches. The starting price of the new TV series has been priced at Rs 12,990. Both of these models can be purchased from online and offline retail stores nationwide. Samsung is also offering a two-year warranty to consumers who buy new smart TVs.

The new Smart TV has a Virtual Music System, which allows users to select their dynamic interface from the library of skins. Samsung says it will make the overall audio experience much better and the visual elements can be done on the screen as well.

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Raju Pullan, senior CPS, Samsung India Consumer Electronics business, said that customer-centric innovation is only in the DNA of the company. The company says the new TV series is geared towards young people, who always want to stay connected to the content and seek OTT services for entertainment.

Many streaming apps will come with new TV popular streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, SonyLIV and VOOT. Talking about other features, it also has a personal computer mode, which allows the user to switch the TV to their personal computer. Laptop screens can also be mirrored on TVs with no Internet connection.

Non-smart TVs will also provide users with clout support to create a school or office presentations on launch TV. The TV has a report access feature that allows you to control your TV or personal computer over the Internet. The company has also introduced a new non-smart TV with a 32-inch display.


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