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Can Someone Hack you from your Phone Number?

Users are once again questioning data security. According to a recent report, 100 million smartphones working on older Android versions are at greater risk of hacking. Which cybersecurity firm? Accordingly, Google is no longer providing updates to smartphones. The most common target for hackers is the device working on the old Android OS due to no update.

OS 6 or older in 40% of devices

Google now rolls out security patches for Android 10, 9 Pie and 8 Oreo only. The risk of theft of personal data of users who are using smartphones with Android 7 or older has increased significantly. Last year, Google released data that said 40 percent of the devices worldwide are still on Android or older.

Updates should provide accurate information

In order to prove their report true, the security firm purchased many devices with Android OS and infected them with malware virus. The virus easily reached all these devices due to no security update. Researchers emphasize that, for the security of data, it is imperative that smartphone companies inform users about all updates to the device.

Closes the security update in one year

Google is still providing security updates to Pixel and Android One devices for up to three years. On the other hand, manufacturers stop providing security patches after a year or two. The security firm said Android devices should have a longer security update like Windows and iOS.

Regarding the update Apple and Microsoft forward

Apple is very serious about the security of its users. That is why the company gave the iPhone SE in 2016 the iOS 13 launched last year. This is the way Windows 7, released in 2009, stopped receiving updates this year.

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