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Are AirPods Coming Out is Bringing Cheap?

Apple has just launched its True Wireless Earbuds AirPods Pro. The company launched this earbuds with an active noise cancellation feature. Now a Taiwanese publishing digitizes has claimed in a report that the company is now planning to bring in cheap Airpods. The publication has announced a story pre-view for its subscribers. However, there is no information about the price.

According to reports, the company will launch AirPods Lite cheaper version of AirPods Pro. The Taiwanese public has previously claimed about cheap airports. Now in its new story preview, the publication has once again made this claim.

AirPods Pro offers these features

Apple's existing AirPods One-Tapp Setup Experience, in addition to providing excellent sound quality and iconic wireless design to users. In addition to the new Apple Airpods Pro, Apple has also shared the new pricing of older models. First Generation Apple Airpods is available with its charging case for Rs 14,900.

Looking for a cheaper iPhone, the company will also launch a cheaper iPhone with cheaper AirPods. Affordable iPhone model from Apple may launch Apple iPhone SE2 soon. According to a report, the company will first launch this cheap phone in Bharti market.

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