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5 Stories You Didn't Know About PHP Development

What exactly is PHP Development?

Guest Post - PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) is one of the most renowned scripted languages which is used by the designers out there for web development. It is considered to be an interpreted language that has very minimum requirements overall. All it requires is a web browser that needs to be run on the system of the client. 

Currently, PHP is one of the most renowned programming languages used to develop static and all the dynamic websites out there. PHP Development includes a plethora of things such as command-line scripting, a desktop system of application and server-side scripting. PHP is mainly considered to be a server-side language of scripts which is utilized by the various companies to develop some static, basic or dynamic websites for their own business. The platform is considered to be super-fast, reliable and secure at the same time. 

Here are some of the Core Features of PHP Development.


PHP Development is extremely object-oriented as any PHP developer using the platform becomes extremely clear about what is the object behind the entire operation. PHP development servers make their communication to be very clear cut.

Free & Open Sources

PHP Development provides a very free and open source to all its developers. Hence, one does not need to spend a considerable chunk of money to use the PHP development. Everything is out there, can be tried and tested and then acquired. 

Easy to Learn

Unlike various other languages and computer servers, PHP is straightforward to learn. One does not need to have a lot of technical skills to learn this language. It has a simple framework that allows all its users to use it with ease and without much trouble. 

Reduces Complexity

There is a common notion that anything related to IT has to be complicated and very intricate. However, with the emergence of PHP, the prevailing idea has been taking a U-turn. Things have changed now, as PHP developers find the entire process to be straightforward and free from all complexities. 


One of the most useful features of the PHP developers is that it is incredibly stable. The problem with technology is that it has become tough to trust the online servers due to multiple online cases that have been prevailing in the market recently. PHP development server is different and is considered to be extremely secure and safe for its usage. 
HP could also be a forever young programming language within the planet today. You'll use PHP in almost every area of IT development. PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) runs faster than ASP, and most of the PHP tools are open source, i.e. free to use. Hence, PHP is the most well-liked programming language to date. 


Do you remember when you had created your very first Yahoo email ID? Yahoo, the program that gave us the first taste of the online is formed entirely PHP. Sadly, it's not an independent business now and transitioning with NodeJS.

Yahoo gave us Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Mail and much of other services. It's a California based MNC known globally as a search engine which acquired Tumblr in 2013. Yahoo has 800 Million Monthly Active Users. 


Facebook's What's on your mind'? Don't you get confused deciding the same while logging into Facebook every day? Well, the foremost exciting fact is that Facebook is formed on PHP.
Facebook allows users to form profiles and connect to make an outsized online community. Additionally, Facebook is widely used for business advertising. The PHP Developers at Facebook came up with their version of PHP called HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine), which was initially written in PHP. Till 2018, Facebook has 2.32 billion users everywhere the earth. 


It is one of the websites, which is the most searched on our laptops or phones. Due to access to technology so quickly, it has become super easy to get access to any and information under the sun with just a click of a button. Wikipedia has made our lives easier and more comfortable. However, there is a web vigilance and gate-keeping policy Wikipedia has. It gives you access to unlimited information on unlimited topics being a wise knowledge warehouse. 


If you are a passionate blogger or blog reader, WordPress isn't an alien to you. WordPress could also be a PHP & MySQL based open source content management system mostly associated with blogging. Additionally, WordPress supports websites, current lists, media galleries, online stores, and forums. WordPress gets 2,740,000 searches each day. variety of the 


If you are someone who is into photography full time or is extremely passionate about photography, then Flickr is a go to a place. Flickr is one of the most popular image websites and a video hosting service provider, which is widely used by several people. For all the camera lovers out there, Flickr is the largest democratic photo-sharing platform. Almost a total of 90 million users, make use of Flickr every month, which is a massive number of a new app in the town. It has Nginx, a web server where the developers of PHP have been relying on for managing the traffic on the website. 


PHP Developer is considered to be one of the most prominent open-source web technologies out there, which is useful for both dynamic as well as static websites. The three USPs of PHP Development is that:

  • It is extremely affordable and does not cost a huge hole in the users.
  • Secondly, it gives very high-performance solutions that help in providing quality delivery of services. 
  • Lastly, it is highly easily accessible as it can be used in any form of website or app without much trouble and with utmost ease and can also be used with HTML5.
  • Overall, PHP Development has been a boon to the IT industry and especially to the website developers as this has made their lives easier. 
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