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Virtual Credit Cards Can Be an Alternative to an ATM card, Know Its Specifics

  • Smart transaction option would be a virtual credit card - Due to the increasing number of smartphone users, new technologies are coming in every day. Virtual credit cards can now be used instead of credit cards. What is this virtual credit card and how it can be used? Let's go into detail.

  • Only facility of online transactions - A virtual credit card is a one-time use credit card that is not present. This card will be used for online-only transactions. As with ordinary credit cards, a virtual credit card will have its unique card number, validity date, expiry date, and CVV number.

  • Virtual credit cards how to become? - A virtual credit card is a kind of electronic card. It can be prepared using the bank's Internet banking facility based on credit card and debit card information without paying any price.

  • The details will be different credit card - Each virtual card has its card number, CVV number, and validity details. This card can be used for online transactions just like any other credit card.

  • Secure on-line transactions feature - Virtual cards offer secure online transactions that the seller cannot easily access.

  • Either remain valid virtual credit card? - This card can only be used once. Virtual cards are valid for up to 48 hours for each on-line transaction. Limit and validity of each bank credit card are different.

  • Use does not have a credit card can also - The feature of this virtual credit card is that it can be used by people who do not have a credit card. This will be directly linked to the debit card or account.

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