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Can Debit Card Be Used Without OTP?

Debit and credit card fraud cases are on the rise. With Rose being exposed to online fraud cases, a new fraud case has now emerged from Noida. In which Neha Chandra, who works in a PR company, went to Paris to enjoy a holiday, her purse was stolen while traveling in the metro. Before he could understand anything, the hacker stole Rs 1.5 lakh from his debit and credit card. The most striking of these was that this was done without the OTP or PIN of the transaction.

The hackers transferred the money from the woman's account three times. There were two transactions of Rs 52,499 and Rs 44,544 with HDFC debit card and Rs 52,499 with HDFC credit card. Immediately after the incident, Neha called his bank and blocked his card and transferred the remaining money to another account.

About the incident, Rahul Tyagi, co-founder of cyber security firm Lucideus, said that debit cards issued in India do not require OTP for a fixed amount for online transactions abroad. Tyagi said, hackers only need a card number and CVV for this kind of fraud. Hackers have many types for ATM transactions so that they can access the user's PIN. For example, a hacker might do a skimming attack with resetting the pin.

Alert Caution
  1. You need to be alert in advance to prevent this from happening to you while traveling abroad.
  2. First of all you have to protect your card so that it is not stolen or lost.
  3. Before leaving the country, inform your bank and minimize the limit of non-OTP minimum transaction.
  4. Keep an eye on the account transactions and inform the bank immediately of any confusion.

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