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Best Internet Service Providers 2020, Watch HD Video on the Phone

With smartphones now becoming a means of communication and entertainment, the number of videos watched over the past few years has also increased. Given the number of videos people are watching on Netflix, YouTube, and Airtel Xtreme TV, it may be hard to believe that until recently we could not watch or send HD videos on the Internet.

Not only the bandwidth, but because of the Internet speed, HD video could not be streaming, and it was very expensive to watch. However, the situation has changed now. Internet speed has gone up, and prices have dropped drastically. Because of this, the experience of watching videos on the Internet in our country has changed.

According to a Cisco report, in 2017, 70 percent of the Internet was used to watch videos. The figure is projected to reach 82 percent by 2022. 1 billion hours of videos are watched every day on YouTube. Users also watch 10 billion videos a day on Snapchat.

However, frequent buffering is sometimes frustrating when watching videos on smartphones. But according to the OpenSignal Insight report released in October 2019, © 2019 OpenSignal Limited, Airtel users may have no experience. This report states that Airtel users get the best video experience in India. Then last year, Airtel scores also increased by 53 points. This report is based on the video viewing experience of 3G and 4G users from each network. In its methodology, the quality of the video was measured by Real World Video Streams and ITU Based Approach. Stall rate, video loading time and picture quality were also taken into account in this calculation.

Airtel topped the list of 26 cities out of 42 in the country, including metro cities. Airtel also received a 'Good' (55-60) rating in 30% of these cities. This obviously means that users were most satisfied with Airtel's speed.

The second biggest support for the quality of video watching on a smartphone is its download speed. If you are tired of slow speed, you are not exactly an Airtel subscriber. Once again, Airtel has landed in the Overall Download Speed ​​Experience category with a speed of 9.6 Mbps, faster than megabytes from its nearest rivals.

Broadband speed is represented in megabytes in seconds. In other words, how much data travels to your device every second? For example, sending less email consumes less data, so bait rates don't matter. However, HD video consumes a lot of data and requires a steady Internet connection for a seamless streaming experience. OpenSignal report analysis also shows the gap in download speed in 3G and 4G, and Airtel has again stepped in to experience 4G download speed. Airtel users are getting speeds in excess of 10 Mbps.

In order to make cell phones ubiquitous and for live video apps like Snapchat, Ticketalk, Facebook, and Periscope, the network needs to provide fast download speed, so that mobile video can be viewed properly. Sign up for Airtel today to experience the benefits offered by network providers that are committed to giving you all this and more.

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