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What is OLX and Paytm Online Cheat? How to Save Yourself?

Online fraud cases are on the rise in NCR. Cyber ​​Fraud Rogers are lining up in new ways. Somewhere in the name of Paytm KYC, people's bank accounts are being cleared by becoming fake customer care officers. We are telling you about some of the cases in Noida and Gurgaon, so that you can alert yourself.

Case 1-

Fraud in the name of Paytm KYC There are increasing cases of fraud in the name of Paytm KYC. In two such cases, cyber fraud reportedly suspended Rs 2.43 lakh from the account of 2 people on the pretext of activating Paytm KYC. Imran, a resident of Ajmer in Rajasthan, lives in Baroda in Sector-49. On November 22, a software engineer at Samsung told Imran that he had received a phone call from a person showing him a Paytm customer executive. The person said that since KYC was canceled, it will have to be reactivated. The link for this was sent to KYC. If Imran opened the link, his account went out of Rs 1.83 lakh in 8 times.

Case 2 -

came to Tanu Ahuja, a resident of Sector-74's SuperTech Capetown Society, on the same day as the case-2 was looted from the KYC link . Caller calls himself a Paytm executive. He said that Paytm KYC has been suspended. Sent him a link and asked to be KYC. 60 thousand rupees went out of Tanu's account twice as soon as the link was opened.


The account of a youth named Rupiah Love Kumar is in the branch of a corporation bank located in sector-53. On December 1st, his account has Rs 3700. The unknown thugs withdrawn Rs. 3500 from the account that same evening and transferred it to another account. As soon as he received the message of the transaction, he went to the bank the next day and found out about the fraud.

Case-4 ATMs replaced 40 thousand

sectors-49 At an ATM center in Barola, the fraudsters changed the young man's ATM card and withdraw 40 thousand rupees from his account. The victim's youth, Pramod, said that at 11am on Thursday morning, he had withdrawn Rs 9,000 from Axis Bank ATM. In the meantime some youths there changed their debit card. After leaving Pramod's account, 40 thousand rupees went out in 2 times.

25,000 rupees from a woman's account by luring the excuse of buying a table at Case-5 OLX . The smart guy sent Paytm's QR code to WhatsApp saying he wanted to make advance payment. After scanning this code the rupees went out of the woman's account. The victim has lodged a complaint with the police in this regard.

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