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What Does the iPhone 11 Come With? How to Handle Camera Sticker?

A new issue of fake product delivery through an e-commerce website has surfaced, in which it is expensive for a user to go online and buy an iPhone 11 pro. A few days ago, Rajinikanth Kushwaha, a software engineer in Bangalore, ordered an iPhone for himself from a popular e-commerce site in the country. The phone was ordered with prepaid payment and he paid Rs 93,900 for this.

Instead of a rear camera, Rajinikanth was delighted with the delivery of the sticker phone as his favorite latest iPhone had come to him. But as soon as the new iPhone 11 Pro was found to be fake, its happiness changed. He found out about the phone being fake when he saw that the rear of the phone had a sticker, not a triple camera. Rajinikanth said that the phone's software is not even iOS and it already had Android apps.

Rajinikanth delivered this phone in Lucknow. It blamed the third-party Company and vendor for this fraud through the e-commerce platform. Soon after he found the fake iPhone 11 pro, he informed the e-commerce company. Rajinikanth was relieved when the phone was promised to be replaced.

This is not the first time a customer has received a counterfeit product from an e-commerce platform. In the past, many cases have come up against the delivery of soap, mango, brick, and stone to users instead of phones.

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