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Samsung: Introduce the World Large Wall Micro LED Display

Samsung has launched its large-format micro LED display 'The Wall'. This is the world's first modular micro LED display with 0.8mm pixel pitch technology. The Micro LED display 'The Wall' has been launched in a number of sizes and ratios. The 146-inch (370.8 cm) micro LED display comes in 4K definition. While the 2019 inch 6K definition and 292 inch (741.7 cm) LED display has come in 8K definition.

Price is between 3.5 to 12 crores

Samsung's Micro LED display is priced between Rs 3.5 crore and Rs 12 crore. Excluding tax. It will be available in India starting December 5, 2019. The micro LED display will be available through the Samsung Executive Briefing Center in Gurgaon. Samsung's Micro LED Display offers 'The Wall' Ultra Luxury Viewing Experience. Micro LEDs offer a much clearer display, better contrast against regular LEDs. Plus it is more energy effective.

Turns into digital canvas Micro LED display

Samsung micro LED display is equipped with 'The Wall' quantum processor Flex. Which is a ML (machine learning) based high-tech picture quality engine. This Micro LED display supports AI up scaling, quantum HDR technology and peak brightness 2000 nits. It also supports 120Hz video playback, and its self-lighting emitting diode has 100,000 hours of lifetime. The ambient mode of the Micro LED display can display curated art with digital frames from paintings, photographs and videos. The Wall is designed to never turn off. But the digital canvas can be modified as per the interior requirements of the Honor. Can be connected to any operating system via physical HDMI input.

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