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Is it Possible Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Smartphone?

The popularity of WhatsApp, a social networking app, is steadily increasing and has made it easier for these people to connect. Today WhatsApp is used not only for messaging but also for video calling. WhatsApp has become so common among people that it is also officially worked with a personal account. Often you will find that using two WhatsApp accounts is good for you. But the convenience of two WhatsApp accounts in a single phone is not available on all phones. If you also want to create two WhatsApp accounts in one phone, here are some tips to follow.

For this, first, go to your phone's settings and check if it has a dual app feature. If this phone has this feature then you can enable two WhatsApp accounts in the phone by enabling it. If the phone does not have this feature then follow the steps below…

Step 1- You can use some of the apps on the Google Play store to use two WhatsApp accounts in one phone. Where you'll find many apps that allow you to create two WhatsApp accounts over the phone.

Step 2- From Google Play Store you can download apps called Dual space, parallel space or multiple spaces. These apps are very popular among users and they do not even have to root the phone by installing on the phone.

Step 3- In addition to these apps, you can create two Facebook and Twitter accounts besides WhatsApp. After downloading these third-party apps you will have to enter another phone number by clicking on the plus sign will open.

After entering the SPAT 4- your second account number will be added and you will be able to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. The new account will appear as a clone on your phone. Thus, using these apps you can create two WhatsApp accounts on the phone and keep personal and professional life separate.

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