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Indians Think of Smartphone Internet Consumption 55 Thousand GB Data in 9 Months

Indian mobile users are using a large number of Internet data. According to a Trai report, that was 828 million gigabytes in 2014, which increased to 46,404 million gigabytes in 2018. Not only this data in 2019 has broken the previous year's record. Because by September, data usage in India has surpassed 54,917 million gigabytes.

The number of subscribers is growing fast

The total number of wireless data subscribers was 281.58 million until the end of 2014, which increased to 664.80 million by September 2019.

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With the advent of 4G / LTE, data usage has increased, Trai said over the past 4 years, wireless data has been used extensively for communications and entertainment. This is because of the rapid increase in data usage. The entry of new telecom operators and the introduction of Long Term Evolution 4G / LTE technology and the adoption by other companies have increased the data usage manifold. In addition, Trai believes it will continue to grow in the coming years.

Cheap Smartphones and Online Content Mobile Internet subscriptions are on the rise due to the upgrade of 2G to 4G of mobile networks and the availability of cheap smartphones in most parts of the country. In terms of the tariff hike, the number of users using the Internet has increased greatly since the telecom service is cheaper. At the same time, online content was important in increasing data usage. In addition to English, content is available in Hindi and local languages ​​as most users are spending data on entertainment and information through the internet. As a result, data usage in India has increased so much.

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