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How Many Phones are Thrown Into the Rubble Every Year?

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 in 2015, it was given very good security features with iOS 7. In the next few updates, the iPhone has strengthened its security features and the feature available to iOS users has been named 'activation lock'. Due to this feature, it is not easy to steal Apple's iPhone and iPad as the device automatically turns on after activating the Find my app from Honor.

After activation lock on, the device needs the Honors Apple ID and password to activate. Without it, the iPhone or any iOS device becomes completely lazy and cannot be unlocked. Although this is a handy feature for Apple users, this feature has caused thousands of phones to be thrown away every month. This was revealed in a report by hardware repair specialist iFixit.

That's Why

According to iPhone iFixit, 'every month, thousands of iPhones are thrown into debris instead of being used.' The activation lock is the reason. A number of people do not wipe their data before throwing away their old iPhone and do not delete the details of Find my App. In this case, often the new user is not aware of the phone's original Honor's Apple ID and password. Then the iPhone is no use and is thrown away. Or parts are separated.

"Every month we get four to six thousand locked iPhone," said Honor Amendments Peter Shielder of electronic wireless and Refurbisher Company the Wireless Alliance in thousands of iPhone unemployed reports every month. He said that we cannot reuse this iPhone and have to scrap its parts in compulsion. iPhone users have no idea that the Find My service on their device is a Permanent Lock installed on the iPhone. Users are advised to wipe data and reset My Find app before changing their device.

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