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How do I Make My Smartphone Run Faster?

If the biggest problem for smartphone users is that the phone has to be slow. If you are also one of those users who complains that their phone is sluggish even though it is a high end mobile, then worry and try the steps today which will make your smartphone superfast.

Follow these steps

  • Go to the settings provided in the phone first.
  • Scroll down and you get the option 'Build Number'.

  • Tap on this one at a time.
  • Developer Option' will be available in your smartphone settings.

  • In the developer option you have to scroll down until you find the toggle option.

  • To increase the speed of the phone you have to change the default setting of the three options here. These three options are - Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale.

  • Here you will already see the setting at 1x. You have to change it to get 0.5x. After doing so, your smartphone will be as fast as the new phone.
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This change in settings will make the difference in your phone multitasking, go home, swiping, and setting adjustments. If you feel your phone speed after changing this setting, you can do it 1x the same way again. This trick can be tried on all Android smartphones. However, the location of the build number varies depending on the model of each phone.

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