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Google Chrome will alert you if you use a hacked password

Google Chrome can now provide you with an automatic altering if you use one of the hacked password into a websites. Web browsers do not provide a built-in feature to help hackers know about a password. This feature has a database of about 4 billion hacked passwords, so the tool will match and check your password.

A few months ago, Google launched a password check-up add-on for its Google Chrome web browser. Passwords can now be checked on both desktop and mobile without having to install an extension from Google Chrome. Chrome has built-in safety protections and is being extended. In this case, when you type the details in a site, Chrome will provide a warning attached to the hacked password.

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Google will ask you to change your password

Chrome will ask users to change the password in Warning. This new feature provides users with Sync and Google Service in Chrome's settings. Just like the extension, by turning on Google's password scanning feature, users will know that they are using a hacked password. More than 200 million passwords and usernames have been flagged in the first two months since the launch of the service.

The extension was first launched

It should be noted that in February this year, Google launched a separate password checkup extension for its browser, which has downloaded more than 1 million users. Users will no longer need this extension and the built-in tool will be made part of the browser. Google says the new tool was designed to address security issues.

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