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How to find the right Web designer for your business

The Internet has become an inevitable part of our daily. Could you imagine the world without the internet? It’s hard to imagine! One way or another we use the internet for various purposes like connecting with peoples, gathering information, shopping, banking and it goes on.
Therefore doing business online becomes imperative. A website is one must-have tool to make your online business successful.

 However, there comes the tricky part not all businesses with the website are successful. There are several factors makes the website less engaging to the user and the crucial factor is the looks of your website. What meant by looks is the design of your website.

Did you know 44% of the visitors leave the website if the website looks less appealing or engaging? Imagine that you are looking for a new Smartphone, and you ended on the website which is poorly designed, not responsive and slow. Would you continue shopping? I bet you wouldn’t!!

If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of bringing the lead to business then you must invest in Website design. 

 To have a professional website, you need to hire the right web designer who can bring your imagination to reality.

Which brings to the next question how can you find the right web designer for your business?
Unfortunately, find the right web designer is not that easy but not as difficult as open-heart surgery.

Here in this blog, I will guide you in finding the right website designer for your business.

1.    Look for their website

The first and foremost thing that you should do before hiring a professional is to look for their website.

If they don’t have one it’s a red signal you shouldn’t bother hiring them.

If yes! Then does their website look looks clean? Do you clearly understand the business goals? Does their website look modern and appealing? Or does their website is boring?

How can you even trust a web designer if they don’t even care to build a good website for their own?

2.    Look for their Works

Look for their portfolio and it is one of the best tools that give the great insight of the person or company whom you going to hire. While looking at the portfolio these are some of the important things you should notice
  • Look for whether they have previous design experience with your industry
  • Makes sure that their design pattern suits your taste
  • Do the website are clean and easily navigable
  • Ensure all their websites are responsive
  • Make sure the website speed and placement of the icons and image are good and clean

Taking a look at the portfolio you can determine the company or individual potential of crafting a functional website. If they don’t have one it's better to look for a new designer.

3.    Check out their client testimonial 

There is nothing better than knowing about the company from the previous client’s experience. 

Therefore look for their client testimonial or Google review this will show how well they have handled the previous project.
People love to share their positive experience as well as negative if the client testimonial and Google reviews are filled with good and positive reviews its right sign you are at a good firm. 

4.    Check for their Price

Price is one of the biggest concerns when hiring aright website designer. Imagine you found a good web designer and you are pretty sure that company or individual can bring out your ideas to reality but they are expensive what should you do? Its simple hire them if you feel they are the right choice. The website is not an expense it’s an investment where you can expect ROI.

Therefore it is better to go with the company which can fulfill your requirements. 
 There is a saying “cheap thing comes with a cost” well that’s true if you feel expensive and get done your website with a cheap inexperienced company. Most likely you will end up regretting the decision. 

The cheap website comes with broken codes, unappealing design, and looks, same old material design, less SEO friendly and more.

5.    See They Are All-Rounder

It’s good to hire a company which can help you through all your business needs. Look for an all-rounder, Imagine you hire a web design company which is only specialized in designing websites but you need both website and mobile app for your business. Eventually, you have to go through some serious steps to find the right mobile developer that suits your business. 
 This process is quite a time consuming and sometimes even might cost you more. On the other hand, hiring all-rounder (i.e. company specialized in all your online business needs like digital marketing, Mobile app development, web design, and development) can help you to save time. What’s even more interesting is they might even considering cutting down the cost if you are ready to do business with them.

Santhosh Mathew Working as a Content writer in ProPlus Logics, I Love Writing on topics that are related to branding, promotion, Search Engine Optimization and website development. I feel writing is an art and the most effective way of letting the world know what all is happening around us.

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