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5 Ways to Build Your Home a Smart Home in 2020

Today, every technology brand is focusing more on making your home smarter. You can connect everything from smart home to your phone, and in addition to that phone, your voice control can also be controlled, keeping you connected to your home wherever you are. You can also make your new or existing home smarter with some products. Just make sure you have an Airtel connection to access the Internet fast.

  • Smart Speakers

The first step to making a home smart is to install a smart speaker. These speakers can also be your digital assistant, which you can connect to via Google Now, Alexa or Siri. These smart speakers will do most of your work without a phone, you just tell your digital assistant that you want to listen to music, and then they will play music for you. If you say you want to hear the news then it will also tell you the news. You can control it with voice commands. Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod are among the best smart speakers currently available in the market.

  • Smart AC - Air Conditioners

In most parts of our country, it is impossible to live in the summer without AC. If you too are planning to buy a new AC, you may want to think about the Smart AC option. Most smart ACs can connect with well-known digital assistants and you can operate them through smart speakers as well. It lets you adjust electricity consumption as well as temperature in real-time, and so on by telling AC once. The Smart AC also comes with a separate phone app, which lets you turn on and off the AC while you are away from home, through the phone fast Internet connection. Increase the speed of your smartphone internet today, and you can easily connect it to your phone anywhere, even if you forget to turn off the AC.

  • Smart Lock System at home

From video surveillance devices to smart lock and doorbell, many security options like motion sensors and build-in cameras are now at your fingertips. As such, you have the key to your home. Your incoming guest is due to arrive in a few minutes, but what if you are not home? Well, if you have a smart lock like August then you can give a duplicate digital key to your home. A digital key can work as long as you want, no matter how far you are. August Lock also features auto-lock / auto-unlock. Also, it can perform digital assistant support and door activity tracking. You will see the guest's face knocking on your door, and alert you.

  • Smart Lighting

Lightning is also one of the ways to make your home smart in the pocket. Philips is a leader in this field with its Hue lighting solutions product. With this smart lightning, you can make your home look as it appears in science fiction films. You need to connect the hub to Wi-Fi, and then adjust each light from your smartphone to the color and the intensity you want. These bulbs also have features like music searching, club lighting. If there is no one in the room, it even closes on its own.

  • Smart Cleaning

A smart robotic vacuum cleaner is also a smart way to make your home smarter. While Rumbas has been available for a long time, you can now connect your smart vacuum to Alexa, and operate it with voice commands.

Now you know the basic steps to make a home smart. So take a smart decision and Future right now. Before doing all that, however, make sure you have a super-fast Internet connection like Airtel 4G.

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