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20 Best Free SEO Tools

Today, number of SEO tools available for website traffic, sales and lead generations. Just two kinds of tools use 1st paid 2nd free tool available into a market.

User can check website traffic with analytics data with optimize country wise traffic check.

This tools to quick identify YouTube primary and second keyword list. Also search the keyword volume for a specific keyword changes over time.

Free Google keyword tools similar working as YouTube keyboard tools but this tools to mainly depend on content length, Broaden the focus of your content and many things.

Website authority checker helps input website to get complete detail with website can perform in Google.

To fetch keyword opportunities and to help you with your keyword selection process the Keyword Research Tool collects and analyses:

You can just target on writing high quality content while the tool will calculates your SEO score and give you with valuable feedback on how boost your content Keyword focus, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and a lot more.

Writing compelling and engaging content on a daily basis can be challenging. Especially when the topic you have to write about, is kind of boring. To help you to come up with new content ideas related to your topic, I’ve created the Content Idea Generator.
The free eBay Keyword Research tool lets you can immediately identify the keywords your potential buyers use to find products on eBay.

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There are roughly 3 kinds of user intend we define based on the keyword and keyword combinations search engine user enter when performing a search query.

This Readability Checker will automatically test the readability for any provided webpage. To measure your readability score, enter your URL and the tool will run multiple test.

The tool analyses various elements within your powerful content to watch how well your content is optimized for your focus keyword.

The best keyword density is like the ideal content length. It all depends on the topic your writing about. Some topics ideal for long content forms and a lot of related keywords and synonyms. On the other hand you have the topics that are best served with a compact piece of content and a higher repetition of the same keywords.

Use the Featured snippet keyword tool to quickly identify questions related to your subject. Enrich and optimize your content to target the number 0 spot. By doing so, you’re able to claim multiple rankings for your keyword and generate maximum exposure for your content.

Domain rating is a calculate developed by Ahrefs showing the strength of a website’s backlink profile. Based on quality and the number of backlinks a website is scored on a 0 to 100 (logarithmic) scale. The higher your score the stronger your website and the higher the potential to perform well in search.

Use the internal link analyzer tool to analyze the links search engine spiders can detect on a specific page of your website. Search engines, spider links to index and determine the structure of a website and the relation between pages.

Since MOZ recently did a mayor update to their backlink index you can expect to see some changes when it comes to the Domain Authority and Page Authority scores this tool returns.

You can boost your website and traffic from search engines when you: (A) Write killer content, (B) Establish online authority and (C) Have your Technical challenges figured out. The website checker is designed to help you figure out, where you can make the most effective improvements to optimize your site for search.

The broken backlink checker is designed to help identify broken link building opportunities for your website. Enter your URL and this tool will check if there are external backlinks point to pages within your website that don’t exist.

So, if you have your content in place, you probably should focus on backlinks pointing to your domain and important pages, because quality links can help you outrank your competitors and get you additional referrer traffic.

Find out who are your biggest organic search competitors with this competitor research tool. Select your target country and enter the URL of your website and the tool will automatically analyses the competitors who are also ranking for your most important keywords. Based on the number keywords you have in common, your top 3 competitors in Google are selected and returned.

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