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Everything You Need to Know About Data Analytics and How to Certify Them?

The Data Analytics certification is simply a certification of aware of basic analytics, which is the knowledge of how to break down a workflow into segments from begin to end. It is also used to certify the understanding of the process used by analysts to frame a business issue analytically, allow verify of require data and control the methodology for this acquisition.

Now, before proceeding further, it is require to further investigate the term "data analytics". What does the term data analytics mean? What is its application? Why do we need it? What are the advantages? Why do we use such terminology to explain a set of data collected? Why is it so necessary?

Data analytics:

Terminology: It is described as the process which is used to verify certain sets of data so that outcomes can be predicted from the information the data gather us. This is accomplished with the help of certain tools which include specialized systems and software.

Reason for the terminology: The data is indeed complicated and it can be either structured, unstructured or semi-structured. With analysis, which can be done statistically using some basic scientific fundamentals, this complicated data provides us with minute information such as the amount of profit or loss the product has been able to generate, inventory levels of the product and improvisations that can be made so as to get a better outcome.

The significance of the terminology: This is helpful for those industries where keeping track of the products being released is very important. The enhancement of the sales of each particular product is very important in such cases. Think of a new medicine has been released. It works for those suffering from tropical diseases and has to be marketed. The company decides to use certain methods of marketing. In order to check how well people respond to the advertising, how well the product is performing and the amount of sales generated, they need information regarding the product. This is the same for stock exchanges and trade centers.

Application of data analytics: It is used in industries and businesses where frequent updates about sales are important. There is lots of information buried in this data. It allows this information to be revealed for the benefit of the business with improved decision making. In cases where the datasets are massive (Big Data), specific tools have been developed to manage the data. The professionals are aware of these products.

  • Helps in getting an analysis of the performance of the products every second.
  • Helps in increasing the sales.
  • Helps in comparing sales.
  • Helps in using various techniques and improvising them.
  • Gives a visual representation of how well the methods used work out.

An individual will need certified training in data analytics to perform the job of a Data Analytics professional. It will help the person to deal with Big Data and provide a correct analysis of the data being collected. A certification will provide the individual with a lot of benefits, the primary one being employment. Ohio University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a majority of colleges and universities worldwide provide data analytics training and certification.

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