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Technology will be smart in 2019, learn new trends of New Year

2018 is going to end. This year we see many innovations in the technology sector. We saw how gadgets have been strengthened from smartphones to speakers. If seen, many companies have improved their product performance or experience this year, and the same strategy companies are also trying to adopt next year. With the end of the year, it is curious among the users that what companies will present the New Year next year. Here we are telling you what you can get in the year 2019.

In the year 2019 this can be Tech Trends:

This year the Artificial Intelligence has been made accessible to the users. At the same time, in the next year i.e. 2019, you will have to see a lot of changes in smart-connected devices. Smart Connected Devices will be based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Calculations. Every smartphone camera will be equipped with Google Lens. Through this, translating or reading foreign language through the camera can be done. When you type, the mail client will already know what the next word is about to write. Companies like Apple are trying to give such capabilities in any device.

The smart speaker has been made a smart hub this year, which lays the lights of your home. Now it will be made smart and will help to manage other objects in your home. There are many new innovations related to Artificial Intelligence this year. Also, high-end headphones, televisions or speakers that are based on Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri can be launched.

Broadband revolution:

In the year 2018 millions of users came online. So in 2019, the same million users will upgrade to high-speed fiber network. All this will be available from JioFiber which will provide free internet speed of 100Mbps. Through this, high-definition content on Netflix will be able to be streamed on high-speed internet. Music streaming service on Spotify will be introduced in India. It will be challenging for existing players like Airtel.

Many people have been talking about 5G Networks and Devices for a long time. At the same time, India is still lagging behind in the case of 4G. There are some expectations about 5G that are wrong. If seen, from 5G CCTV camera to Smart Cars, will help keep connected devices organized. Definitely it is not designed to download better call quality or faster video because this work is technically 4G However, this 8K content will help streaming 3D content with VR elements which is not currently possible. The first 5G device is likely to be launched during the Mobile World Congress in February 2019.

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