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How much money Apple has to spend making iPhone XS Max?

The Apple iPhone XS Max smartphone was launched by Apple recently. The smartphone comes in apple next generation flagship, but do you know how much money Apple has to spend making this phone? Otherwise, tell you that Apple had to spend $ 443 to build the 256GB of iPhone XS Max, which is about 32,195 rupees calculate per Indian currency.

Smartphone manufacturing cost only 32,000 when sold for 94,000

According to a latest report, Samsung's 6.5-inch OLED screen is the most expensive in iPhone XS Max, for which Apple had to spend $ 80.50, which is approximately Rs 5,853 according to Indian currency. It is important to know that Apple is selling 256GB variants of the iPhone XS Max at a price of Rs 32,195 for US $ 1,299 US, for Rs. 94,466. That means the company has cost less than OnePlus 6 in making iPhone XS Max. It means company sold one iPhone max get earn 62000 per segment.

iPhone XS Max has an A12 bionic chip, for which Apple has to spend just US $ 72 (Rs 5,235). At the same time, the company had to pay 65 US Dollars (Rs 4,725) for flash storage. The cost of the Surgical Steel frame is 58 US $ (4,216 rupees). However, this approximate price is according to the current market. Apart from this, the expenses incurred in the development of iOS 12, research and development with the cost of marketing and advertising on Apple's behalf have not been included. Experts believe that the company spends more in advertising, marketing and research than making the phone, which makes it costlier.

iPhone X Plus costs iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max's Bill of Material (BOM) cost is $ 443 US (Rs. 32,195), which is $ 50 USD (3,636) from the iPhone X's 64GB model. Although it is expected that the company will have many times profits from these phones. It is important to know that this phone will sell more in India than in America. That means you will have to pay more than Rs 1 lakh for this phone.

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