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Traditional Or Digital: Which Should You Go For?

A question that’s gotten business owners and corporations puzzled is which of the two marketing mediums they should focus on. On the one hand, we have traditional media geared towards a more specific set of demographics. On the other side, there are digital media which caters to a more varied audience. So, how should a typical businessperson determine which one to focus on? Let’s find out now.

·         How Much Capital Do You Have?

The first thing that should absolutely cross your mind is if you can you afford to go for either of the two mediums. If you’re already starting to receive a decent amount of income from your business and can afford to invest large sums for TV commercials or getting your brand name on the front page of a newspaper, then you can consider trying out traditional media. 

However, if you’re an upstart business barely months since you’ve opened, then it might not be the best idea to go for a national commercial. You can certainly try, but it will put a very sizable hole in your wallet. Luckily, digital media has your back. You can quickly create a website for free. And it has the potential to be accessed by the millions of people on the Internet. However, doing so would require some elbow grease and takes time to build a sizable audience. You also have the option of getting help from Digital Marketing Agency Manila to increase the quality of your digital marketing.

·         What Type Of Audience Do You Have?

Another essential factor to consider is which types of people you want to reach out to. If your products or services cater to a niche market or a specific demographic, then putting out print ads in magazines or billboards or even TV commercials in specific channels can work wonders. These mediums already have a core audience, which you can then also utilize if it matches the kinds of people you want.

If we’re talking about a product or service that has a generalized audience, then it would be best for you to widen your range as much as possible. Social media and video hosting sites like YouTube is perfect for businesses that either has a general audience or are still trying to figure out who they want to catch the attention of.  There are plenty of budding business persons selling products or offering services making it big in Facebook groups because the groups they join have the perfect types of people who would want what they have to offer.

·         Are You Willing To Take Risks?

Risks are something a business person continually deals with. They have the option to do whatever they want, but the fact remains that taking risks can lead to great things. So, the question here is how big of a risk are you willing to take.

Traditional media involves significant sums of money to be invested in commercials, small segments in newspapers and magazines, or a mention by a radio show host. All of these costs a ton and have no more than a minute to catch people’s attention. But, the potential return can be game-changing and could skyrocket your business to the top if done right. So, going for traditional media is a big gamble where you’ve got everything to gain but everything to lose as well.

Digital media is a viable investment to make for a conservative business person. Creating a website and promoting it through social media takes little to no money at all. The most exciting thing about it is you can have potentially millions of people going to your site. The only real cost you have is if you enlist professional aid from Digital Marketing Agency Manila if you don’t feel confident about doing things yourself. The downside of digital media is that it can take time to grow an audience here and there’s also the risk of only a handful of people acknowledging your website. Going for digital media has a very low risk but requires effort, careful planning, and excellent execution. 

So, from what was said, which form of media should you go for? It depends entirely on you. More than anyone, you know your business the best. If you analyze every aspect and take what was mentioned above into consideration, then you’ll be able to make a logical conclusion on which one to go for. 

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