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6 ways to hack-proof your smartphone

Increasing number of smart phone users and the use of the internet is increasing the incidence of phone hacking. People do not just use smartphones to talk or chat on social media, nowadays smartphone people are becoming more and more. People are also using their banking, online payment, shopping, and even smartphones. In such a way, hacking a smartphone or leaking information can cause problems for users.

When we talked to Tech Expert Sachs Sachdeva for this, he said, " Whenever you install an app on your smartphone, first check whether the app is verified on Google Play Store or not. Also do not install the third party app on your smartphone. Also, do not give a non-urgent permissions to any app, because if you give an app a non-urgent permissions, then they collect information about your location, contacts, your interests, photos etc., so that your personal information is with hackers there is a danger to go. "

Third party app install

First of all, do not install any third party app on your Android smartphone at any time. Through third party app hackers can easily steal your smartphone's data. So download our official app from Google Play Store.

Do not give an app to non-essential permissions

Apart from this, when you install an app, do not give it access to your content, photos, camera etc. Access it only if you need it in an app. Also, enable Google Play Protect in your Android phone.

By doing this, your Smartphone will be safe to a large extent and it will be unlikely to be hacked. You can also install anti-virus if you want.

Follow these Steps to enable the Google Play Protect service.

Step-1: First tap on the settings icon in your smartphone.

Step-2: After scrolling, you will see the more settings icon, tap on it.

Step-3: Here you will see a Scanner option, now you can tap here.

Step-4: Tap on the scanner, you will see the Google Play Protect option, tap on it.

Step-5: Here you will see the Scan Device for Security Threats and the Improve Harmful App Detection option.

Step-6: Enabling this increases the efficiency of your device and decreases the risk of these virus attacks.

Never install third party apps on your smartphone to keep your smartphone fully secure.

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