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Don't get cheated by online fraudsters: Indian Government Strict Can Bring Cash Back System

Today, many online shopping fraudsters have happening become an important part of our life. Due to special or huge discounts, offers and other attractive schemes, most users now prefer shopping online rather than shopping, instead of shopping online. While this facility has all the profits, there are also considerable losses. Due to online shopping, cases of fraud have increased quickly.

Counting 1 out of 3 users get cheated: According to an avg. survey, every third user who makes online shopping gets fake goods and products. Complaints against e-commerce companies are influencing in this case. Let us know, there are two recent survey related to online shopping. This survey is done by Mercantile Research Analytics company Velocity MR. According to the company, this survey has revealed that the more the sale of the brand, the counterfeit goods are sold as much as the name of the brand.

38 percent of the fake raw material received by the people: In this context, the second survey is done by a company named local circle. It has been found in the survey that 38% of the users got fake products during the online shopping during the last one year. Consumers say that they mainly include perfumes, fashion, shoes, clothes etc. in counterfeit products. According to a survey, it has been reported that the Indian government is preparing to introduce new terms and conditions to tighten the fraud during online eCommerce websites.

What could be the new system of government: There are many times when you are shopping online that you get fake goods. Customers have to suffer a lot due to this. Not so, the Indian government is going to make a system. Under this, if there is any fraud with you in online shopping, then the users will get full money back. This new system can be given the name of cashback.

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