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3 Useful Step - how to Know SIM card is registered Username

There will be numbers of mobile users who do not know who they are using the SIM card they are registered with. Today we are here telling you an important trick by which you can know which SIM card is registered in the name of whom.

If you want to know about the SIM card owner name, you have to download the application of SIM which belongs to the telecom company.

Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio SIM card, all are available at the App Play Store. It can be downloaded for free.
The process of identifying SIM Honors in all the company's apps is identical. Here we have shown steps to know the name of the SIM card of the Idea Company, for example.

Some Useful Tricks

Nowadays there are many cases of issuing a SIM card on Fake Identity, in which case the SIM or number given to us is known by our name or not by the name of this trick.

Step 1

Go to play store -> my idea Apps Download after some application permission to click allow button.

Step 2

Now insert your mobile number. After one OTP to get insert into mobile. Now open your account or dashboard.


Now display your SIM Card owner name which one register on SIM Card Username display.

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