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Xiaomi Startup Indian TV Market with the Price only 39,999

The launch of the Mi LED 4k TV is a first by Xiaomi outside China and the company predicts to movement the Indian market with the ‘world’s thinnest LED 4K TV announcing’

Evolution of TV with History

After climbing the top of the list in the Indian smartphone market, China-manufacturing electronics and software company Xiaomi on last Wednesday schemed an modern category in India with the establish of its smart TV just at Rs39,999.

The latest model that was launched here was the Mi LED intelligent features with TV 4, a 4K set with a 55-inch frame-less screen with aluminum alloy.

The latest scheme of the smart TV is a first by Xiaomi other continent China based manufacturing company awaits to disrupt the Indian market with the “world’s thinnest LED TV offering”.

“It (TV) is another large category after smartphones. We most trusted brand it is a very big opportunity for us,” said Manu Jain, vice-president, Xiaomi, and merging director, Xiaomi India.

“Indian market is fixture to what the smartphone trend was three years ago. The portion of smartphones sold online was just it is 35-40%. Also, the share of 4K TVs is very small in differentiate to other TV sales. The way that we disrupted the smartphone market three years ago, recently we want to damage the TV market. Offer us a few years, we will reevaluate the regulations of the game in the TV market,” Jain added.

The Mi LED Smart TV 4, which will be sold @2PM, 2nd Feb, comes connected with over 500,000 hours of content from video-on-demand distributors.

“We are first debuting with more than 5 lakh hours of pleased. Our aim is not to make money from equipment, from selling TVs; our aim is to make money from content from a long-term view, match to our phones,” Jain said.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 - 4K HDR 55 inch LED

Suggesting to IDC’s (International Data Corporation) latest quarterly mobile phone private eye, Xiaomi exchange Samsung and appeared as the number one smartphone seller in India in the quarter ended December with a threefold year-on-year influence in shipments and 26.8% market share.

“We are various product to sell like power banks, Mi bands, earphones, Mi VR and smartphones in India... whether we will become number one in TV or not I really don’t know but what I aware for finally is we will be able to movement the TV market,” Xiomi expert says.
The company is banking heavily on online portal such as Flipkart,—and its flagship Mi Home stores to push TV sales.

“Finally. We will also think of an offline policy. TV require a various type of retail; our existing retail channels are small. Even from a logistics perspective, it is different to smartphones. We will have to develop particular warehousing and logistics before we think of an offline journey for TV,” Jain said, without divulging the company’s investment behind the TV’s launch.

While most of area of Xiaomi’s smartphones are manufactured not globally, the company will rely on importing the TVs.

“TV, in the beginning, we are crucial. For us to modern manufacturing techniques, there are three things needed: the volume has to be good enough to generate financial arise; high-end products need technology innovation and we have to watch whether this type of technology outputs in India or not or if our associates are willing to come set it up here; third is quality, will things produced in India meet the match quality standards as abroad,” Jain said, adding that “similar to phones, if everything goes right, we should be able to manufacture TVs here but not right now.”

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