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Top 5 Amazing Ways of Improving IVR Automated Systems

Are you troubled about your company's IVR automated systems? So many people have been holed in the wave of balancing the receptivity of their live call centers with the cost-effectiveness of their automated IVR systems. There has been an amazing boost in the rates of consumer dissatisfaction in the past few years, sending entrepreneurs into stressful fevers. For instance, the American Management Association has described that around 68% of consumers will stop doing business with a company due to bad service; while over 20% of the general population stops using particular services every year because of the long waiting hours in the phone lines of customer service.

While several companies find automated IVR systems inevitable, a big portion of firms that use these systems usually suffer losses because of bad customer service. However, the fault is not with the system but the implementation design used by most of the companies. IVR is exceptionally pleasant to deal with if the design is right. Here are some important tips on how to make IVR systems work for your business.

What is the purpose of the IVR system?

This is the foremost question that your design must answer. For instance, your IVR systems must offer the most commonly sought answers such as the hours of operation and locations; must direct the callers to the most appropriate agent especially for issues that are extremely complex or loaded with emotion (such as accidents, injuries, and frauds); and offer immediate solutions to the simplest problems such as delivery status of items and account balances.

IVR Alternative

Customers will be annoyed if the IVR automated systems offer too many options. Several people cannot master more than four options and they would easily be confused. Limit the system to a few digits and a few steps. Today's revolutionary step is to take your services online: offering self-service options, clear FAQ sections, making everything idiot-proof, and simplifying all processes.

High Quality Volume

Make sure that IVR automated systems are designed to accommodate high-volume spikes in calls. Therefore, hire many agents or find contracted services to handle the extra load during call spikes. Also make effort to continuously improve your system: that is, getting lots of feedback, analyzing customer opinions, and automating the common answers to common questions.

Customers Appreciate

Spice the IVR automated systems by adding humor and relaxed tones. For instance, the use of simulated noises and games can help customers to appreciate your services more. Personalize your system to create a positive brand perception among your clients. Exceptional voice quality can also improve the value of your systems. What if there are specific customers that are of extreme worth to the company? They deserve customized services such as alternative transfer codes and phone numbers. They will be very happy about the improved efficiency.

Traffic Lead

Never forget to offer your clients the option of talking to a company representative, stating the hours in which the service is available. Make zero the number that leads them to the representative since it is the commonest and most popular number. This option adds value to self-service.

Crucial Tips

These tips can help you to create an exceptional IVR automated system. But you must also make effort to learn as much as you can about the efficiency of these systems in order to run ahead of the rest.

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