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What are the F1 to F12 keys Usage in Keyboards?

F1 to F12 keys at the top of the computer's keyboard is called Function Keys. These are different Keys that do not have the character type. Originally it has been created by a keyboard to provide a special type of dimension indication to a computer or operating system. Here we are showing you how you can use these keys and works.


  • If the computer presses this key instead of running, the computer setup will open. In this, the computer setting can be seen and can be changed.
  • If you are working in an Internet Explorer browser, press this key then the browser's help page will be open. This will also help page open into Chrome.


  • After clicking on any file, folder in Windows, pressing F2 can immediately rename it.
  • Pressing combine ctrl + F2 in Microsoft Word will open a print view page, which shows how the document will appear after printing. It means to watch on preview after to click on printing buttons.


  • In Windows, the search box opens from F3, which is used to search for user files and folders.
  • By pressing Shift + F3 in Microsoft Word, English's text can be changed to lower and upper case.
  • The typed command gets typed again before pressing F3 in the Microsoft DOS or Command Prompt window.


  • This is refreshed for the key. If you do not see a folder even after copying it in Windows, press it, it will appear. This is used to refresh and reload the web page in an internet browser.
  • Pressing F5 in Microsoft PowerPoint slides slideshow, it means display whole screen in desktop view.
  • By pressing Shift + F5 in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, the Find and Replace feature is turned on.


  • After typing something in Microsoft Word, if pressed F7, its spelling check will begin to occur.
  • Pressing this in Internet Explorer can select the text of the web page.


  • In Microsoft Word, the Alt + F8 is pressed into a macro. Directions can be recorded to perform frequent works of this.


  • This is used to e-mail and retrieve e-mails in the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Pressing this in the QWar Express opens the Measurement toolbar.
  • The brightness of the screen can be controlled by pressing it on some laptops.


  • Pressing this in the works of any software will open the menu bar.
  • Shift + F10 works with the right click of the mouse.
  • Control + F10 is designed to be minimized and maximized in Microsoft Word.

  • It can be used to browse the full screen in a browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome.


  • Pressing into Word opens the Save As box.
  • Shift + F12 allows the document to be saved in Microsoft Word.
  • Control + Shift + F12 opens the document open in Microsoft Word.

 I hope really enjoy for keyboard shortcut key.

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