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Top SEO Tool List - Every SEO Expert Must Need in 2018

In this blog top SEO software and tools list to every SEO guys must need to help every day.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics grab the best attribute of their analytics task and made it even simpler to use with latest company and resolve property. Here are some amazing things you can do with Google Analytics tool that will help you get the out of your analytics information and use it to boost your website’s pleased, translations and user experience.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Any user or operator no any Bing Webmaster tool, just go to new sign up or register. In the two years since we first published this guide to BWT, they’ve added more new innovative features that can help you handle or easy update your sites.

Xenu's Link Sleuth

Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) verifies Web sites for broken links. Every backlinks are tested is done after various pictures, image frames, plugins, backend cover, location maps, standard sheets and Java applets. It displays a steady updated list of URLs which you can sort by various scale. A report can be produced at any time.

Rank Tracker

Most of SEO guys one big challenge to monitor your local and global data and search rankings to fetch out where your business appears in all the search engine.

To track all keywords, quickly, accurate and rousting reporting capabilities get valuable insight of your search visibility with actionable ranking metrics and summary data

Track progress over time with ranking updates and historical ranking flow.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

If you’re not aware with the globally of internet & digital marketing, and someone told you that you should use Screaming Frog, what would you think? I’d probably call them crazy. As it turns out, though, Screaming Frog is a powerful tool far too few people surprisingly use to its full extent.


Plagiarism is penalized and crime of purloining a piece of work initially developed by someone else and providing it as one’s own original content creation. It can be with regard to any form of art. Be it music, lyrics, books, cinema or site content. Copyscape is an online content checker tool detecting device which is used by content owners to look for content stolen. Real entrepreneur can submit the site name to Copyscape and it will provide the owner with a list of web pages that consist of similar contents. 

Although Copyscape eases a site owner from keeping a plagiarized site, it limits a user to use the no ant pay for trial version of Copyscape but use only once in month. If you have any company owner, please select premium account to pain 5 cent in search data or information. This gives rise to the need of not paid for alternatives to Copyscape to reach freedom against plagiarism for free.

WebSite Auditor

Just like search engine bots, Website Auditor digs industrious through you’re completely site to fetch and track every resource, both internal and external: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, images, videos, etc…. Another search crawler tool such Bing, Yahoo, Duck Go, to according robot.txt for multiple bot, so you can see and track the websites and blogs

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass offers you with vast number of back-links from the hugest backlink index on the Web in a matter of minutes.

In harmless backlinks to display wrong output to change or your compositor not positive impact in SEO, SEO SpyGlass plays you instantly catch and neutralize them!

Clutch the strong of analytical data SEO SpyGlass gets you with! Survey your own backlink profile or spy on your challenger to uncover the most effective link-building techniques.

W3C Markup Validation Service

The W3C Markup Validation solutions test for execute with various HTML versions and appear XHTML format—an evolutionary move to HTML markup that's XML-compliant. The CSS Validation Service compile for inflexible adherence to the DTDs (document type definitions) that regally define HTML, so a page that passes the validation tests will truly be standard-compliant. But that doesn't guarantee that your site's code will be free of unintentional oddities that are still technically legal HTML. 

Like the W3C Link Checker, the markup and CSS validators both have simple, browser-based interfaces that do the job but don't present results in an easy-to-use, actionable manner.


  • Googlebot is of the WebCrawler served by Google.
  • It is mostly provided by Google to search and recover webpages.
  • The storage data gathered by Googlebot is used to update the Google index.
  • Googlebot befalls billions of webpages and is regularly visiting pages all over the web.

Google Insights for Search

Google Insights mostly uses to compare search data highlights across with local or global, time frames, categories and features. It will display the regional interest for a specific keyword and for other top search terms related to that keyword. This offers marketers with strong data to build sure the article there’re developing or the keyword there’re targeting, is relevant for their region or type of business.


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