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Facebook's Innovative New Headquarters Overviews

Nowadays, some of the photos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg are becoming viral in the social media, with the photo being mentioned also that they are preparing to become the US president. This issue is being debated in the media around the world today. I'm going to show you the world's largest tech company about the headquarters of Facebook, in which more than 2800 employees are working and they do not have to live in an office environment.

About the Facebook headquarters

  •         Facebook's new office has been built in Menlo Park, California.
  •         The office is spread over 430,000 square feet and is quite open.
  •         There is a wonderful garden in which about 400 trees have been cultivated.
  •         Here the team work is done, in the office, some 2,800 employees work.
  •         The office's Wall colorful and Cd's are in a wanderer-design.
  •         The park is built in 9 acres of land in the office.

These facilities are available in FB Office

  •         CEO Mark Zuckerberg's work-place is also very similar to Employees.
  •         Snacks and every type of drinks are served always there on every table.
  •         Connects an underground tunnel to Facebook's new and old office.
  •         The Facebook office also has a free salon, restaurant, garden, garage zone and a     skeleton shop for Employees.
  •         Employees are given free 3 meals a day and they only work 5 days a week.
  •         Apart from this, the bedroom for an employee has also been made, so they can rest.

 About Headquarters

This is a work station, which is beautifully decorated

This is the FB roster

FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg works with his employers

This is FB's Main's Work Station

This is the FB's Personal Meeting Room

This hall has also been created for the relocation of Employees

This is the FB Recreation Hall, where Employees can Relax and also work

This is Employees' Chatting Place

If the Employees are tired of work, then the bedroom has also been made for them

This is FB's cafeteria

This is FB's Employee Lodge

This is the FB reception center

This is FB's gaming zones

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