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Top 11 Crucial Healthcare software List

In this article to include best healthcare software list with specific information describe as below.


GaiaEHR is a Medical practice management software with also supports EMRs (Electronic Medical Records). GaiaEHR is one of the different open source platforms.

The software fits are written as a web apps and connect both server and client. The server is written in PHP and can be employed in concurrence with a LAMP "stack", though other OS are supported as well. The consumer way doesn’t employ a usual web browser, but some own software depend on the Ext JS JavaScript application framework.


ClearHealth is a modern practice management and EMR (Electronic Medical Record). It also supports Demographics, time on deliver, Full Medical Billing, Health cloud for small database platform, operation consulting, Disease Management, Decision Support, ePrescribing, HL7, and Web Services.


OpenEMR is a Free and Open Source EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and medical practice management application that can run different operating system such as
Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc…. OpenEMR is ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR trusted and is one of the most popular open source electronic medical records in use today. OpenEMR is supported by a powerful groups of volunteers and professionals all with the usual target of creating OpenEMR a best option to its proprietary counterparts. The OpenEMR community is provided to guarding OpenEMR’s status as a free, open source software solution for medical practices and is dedicated to maintaining a spirit of openness, kindness and cooperation.


EMIAS is a unified medical information and analysis system that gives patients to take appointments and collect referrals to watch other doctors in the comfort of their home, while hospital management can estimate the patient flow to their facilities. The system which will include all state hospitals in Moscow was built by a decree of the Moscow Government and created by the Department of Information Technologies. A logo and a corporate identity for EMIAS were created at the studio.

Microsoft Amalga

The Amalga product family will form part of Microsoft’s latest Unified Intelligence Systems container that is straight targeting healthcare enterprises who need to adjust data sitting in isolated financial, administrative and clinical systems. According to Shihadeh, the name ‘Amalga’ is depend on the Latin word ‘amalgama,’ meaning to gather together various components.


HOSxP is a hospital information system with connect on HER (Electronic health record), in use in over 70 hospitals over Thailand. The software main goals to ease the healthcare portfolio of health centers, for small sanitariums to central hospitals.

Before becoming HOSxP, the software was called KSK-HDBMS. Searching a friendlier name, the dedicated developed team choose for the name HOSxP, which available from Hospital and skill. The name also impacts the software's graphical user interface, which mimic the theme of Windows XP, no matter what actually the underlying operating system.

GNU Health

GNU Health works worldwide, providing health and relevant information to the underprivileged by means of free healthcare Software. Your financial contribution, no matter how small, is important for any NGO. Health and its information’s are the simple for the development and dignity of societies.


popHealth's innovative design support for next generation of patient records using nationally identified quality from a provider's EHR to generate the healthcare standard calculate reports. Specifically, popHealth supports the QRDA class 1 standard for representing patient data in EHR systems. popHealth integrates with multiple EHR systems and will easily scale as clinical quality measures are added. EHR providers and healthcare using clinical storehouse for storing patient-level data may directly integrate with popHealth and leverage its open source quality count engine. popHealth is designed to operate within a provider's atmosphere and export the QRDA class 3 as the reporting artifact for the delivery of the summary CQM results.


eClinicalWorks has appeared as a prominent in medical software solutions that enables healthcare contributors to deliver the standard quality of care. By putting customers and employees first, eClinicalWorks has developed an electronic health records software that is top rated in customer satisfaction and usability.


SIMUL8 offers you to build and collaborate gripping business cases to demonstrate presented improvement solutions to colleagues and management to get valuable buy-in and support for future decision making.

SIMUL8 is a prominent supplier of process and discrete event solution that gives you to rapidly and simply develop flexible simulations of your business processes to make important operational and strategic business decisions, all in a risk free environment. 

Computer Stored Ambulatory Record

COSTAR means Computer Stored Ambulatory Record and developed by Laboratory of Computer Science of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

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