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Reliance Jio Not Only Free Internet But also 12 Most Useful Benefit

Reliance Jio started giving its services on September 5, 2016, after Geo gave the best offer to the users, followed by Happy New Year, then Geo's Prime Membership and then SummerSurprise. Lastly, these Jio’s wealth offerings are still active. After the arrival of Jio in the Indian market, the telecom companies have lost their sleep, while on the other side, the users have been getting many benefits.

These benefits come from RJio

The services that used to pay two to three times before the users for the service are being used today in users' free or less money. Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Jio has not only this but also other benefits, which are shown here.

The positive offer of wealth is going on

Jio withdrew it after TRAI disapproved of Summer Surprise Offer. After that, the release of Dhan Dhan's richest offer has been done by Tri-Jio, after the resignation of Airtel and other telecom companies.

Free roaming

Jio has gifted free roaming to its users as soon as it arrives. Users can call anywhere without a roaming charge across India. There was no need to pay any additional charge.

Free Movie Entertainment

Jio users can view new and old films in Jio cline. All these geo are free for users.

Free Unlimited Call

Jio users have got unlimited free calling facility since the time Reliance Jio has entered the market. Jio users need no tariff for this, no plan. This feature is free for every user.

Free message

Like the unlimited calling, Jio's SMS service is also free. Earlier it had unlimited SMS service, however, it has been reduced to 100 messages per day, which is enough for one common user.

Free Music

There is also Jio Music App like Jio Cinemas, where users can listen to their favorite favorite songs. This app can be downloaded by going to My Geo App.

Free News

You can get news in Reliance Jio's My Geo App, by downloading this app you can get news from around the world. You will get all the updates here.

Cheapest Internet

If you have got the largest facility after the Jio Telecom, then it is free and cheap Internet. Before Jio came, users spent thousands of months on internet, but Jio made this feature absolutely free for the users. However, now there is a need to charge for the service of Jio, which is notorious.

Jio TV

You will see every channel in Reliance Jio TV. You do not need to pay any other charge for this. It is noteworthy that no such app has been available which facilitates free channels.

Cheap 4G smartphones

After coming to life brand, all the smartphones come with 4G VoLTE support, these are all budget smartphones, and i.e. you get 4G VoLTE feature in a very low budget. The cheapest 4G phone of the life brand comes in Rs 3000.

Jio Security

Reliance Jio's My Jio app includes the JioSecurity App With this app, your phone stays safe and secure. The company claims that after installing this app you do not need to have any antivirus app in the phone.

VoLTE Feature

This feature allows voice over long-term evolution, which gives you high-speed wireless communication benefits. This makes communication better. Voice quality is superb, Jio has started this.


Reliance Jio has also launched its own Geo jiofi device, which allows users who do not have 4G phones, they can enjoy Geo Internet in all the devices of the house by using Jio SIM in this device. Jio tariff plan is used in this

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