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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Top 5 Active Blogging Sites 2018

The most active blogging site list on the internet in 2018, it has countless of pagers and receive millions of subscriber to join this community in worldwide. Have a watch a handful of the best blogs below and consider adding them to your favorite news reader to keep attach with current topic that interest you.

Here top 5 blogging and news sites list as below:

1.     Forbes no.1 leading blogging platform in all over the world for business, expand, technology, OP/ED, leadership, lifestyle and lists of different category, It most valuable with innovative idea produce for world business leaders, CEO and other business director. It also offer them the fact news, reporting, headstrong commentary, deep with complete R&D works or analysis, specific tools for relevant community they need to succeed at his work, benefits from spread money behind business and have fun with rewards of winning. Contact on

2.     Huffingtonpost is another most popular online news collector and publisher blog viewer in locally and globally. Arianna Huffington is founders of “”. It different category like News, Politics review/critic, entertainment, voices or speeches, popular or live video and all locations (every type of category included in header last section). Discuss about history it’s lunched on May 9, 2005. First time to introduce reputed and trusted news globally. It also one of headline to acquire AOL (America Online) on February 7, 2011.  Contact on

3.     Entrepreneur one most popular & famous magazine to inspire latest market trend and talent star news or celebrate.  We always provide real and fact information to the challenges you face as an entrepreneur, superb information or tricks, advance technology and tools, insider news to help develop and boost your business. Entrepreneur India is India's largest platform for news, information, latest happenings and trends in the entrepreneurship space. Entrepreneur world has become the promoted options of specific data for the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem – different option from business experts, business beginner young entrepreneurs, private equity and other operation funds and small and medium business to banks and financial sectors.  Contact on


4.     TechCrunch, it first time to introduce or lunch in 2005, every blog or news passionate complete interpreter and reviewing new internet product, service and companies.  TechCrunch to cover most of news like battlefield, video, events, crunchbase and leader board. It provides latest tech news, analysis, guide and different opinions from Contact on

5.     Mashable is a domestic or international, numerous platform social media, emergency tech and Entertainment Company. Powered by its own exclusive all technology, Mashable is the go-to source like technology, modern device, lifestyle with entertainment article or news for its committed and growing viewer or visitor around the world.  Contact on

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