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Such could be the new iPhone 8, the unlike viral design and Photos

Apple's new innovative iPhone model was recently thrust and market approach for  8, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal were leaked to handset features with some major updates published reports.

According to some media reports, the iPhone has been leaked features of 8 are as follows:

Its Features

·         Curved OLED display
·         5.8-inch screen (Basel will be without)
·         Best Quality and camera with zoom capacity,
·         Wireless charging feature
·         It may be dual SIM feature.

Nowadays some different design the next model of the iPhone 8're going viral on social media concept, which has been shown 10 designs.

When the launch can occur

iPhone may be released next year is their 10th anniversary on the new iPhone 8, which means that Apple could launch event held on June 20, 2017, just predict or expect.

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