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5 Ways to Protect Wi-Fi Networks Safe

Now computer and laptop users increase day to day. Wi-Fi users always to be secured his Wi-Fi password but sometime hackers to crack this password.
Wi-Fi users are often trapped hackers network. Wi-angles to misuse hackers can break passwords. Do you know how to break the password of the. There are some technique to it.

Nowadays some of the apps available on the Play Store for Wi-Fi password hacking. The work has become more easy to use.

Wi-Fi network Steps to Safe

First, go to the Wi-Fi network, WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) or WAP (Wireless Protected Access), two sets in a password. WEP protocol because hackers can easily hack. Each device in the form of a password. Also be happen network provider to set his common password.
A new version of WAP and WAP2 are using encryption techniques. It can be used by different security coding, at such a time is to be Wi-Fi security. 14 character password and the password should always keep a small mix of alpha-numeric (number and Word).
Wi-Fi router's firewall is always on, and it can be taken to help a technician.

In Play store many application available to be alert for Wi-Fi security to user. Hackers this apps to use for broken Wi-Fi security.

1. Wi-Fi password breaker

The app allows the users can get an estimate of the surrounding Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi password hacker can break the apathy angles. This application to provide information about any Open Wi-Fi network.

If a green signal behave further understand that the device can be connected, If a red signal, it means not broken Wi-Fi security. User also check Wi-Fi security anytime. This apps anyone can install, just one thing android 2.3 as any advance version to be install and this application file size 2.2 MB.

2. Verizon Wi-Fi Connect

Vz Wi-Fi Connect is an app that lets users know the security code to any WEP own Wi-Fi. This apps not use every network but to easy access on Wi-Fi network. Using Verizon FiOS (Internet Service) gives users a common password.

The app works only area open network and Wi-Fi network can also be changed States. Every other network included into this network to easy install and use for another Wi-Fi.  This app file size 59 MB and android version 4.0.9 operating system works.

3. IWep Pro

IWep Pro app for iOS users easily using Wi-angles password. App to break the password by surrounding each network listed. Not only IWep Pro apathy can also hack password phaina Wi-Secure.

This app to be set password and other Wi-Fi to experiment and correct password doesn’t match to continue works on this apps. To prevent users of the apathy becomes necessary to increase the security of Wi-fi services. The app size is 1.3 MB and download required to be at the top of the Android 4.0 operating system from the phone.

4. Hackers Manual + Tech Alerts

Hackers Manual Apps users continues networks tips or tricks alert information provided. This apps also to use on manually way. One of the biggest feature is to update every time.  Also trusted apps because Google Play store already 1 million user download. Talking about download file size 3.7 MB and essential android version 2.3 above version.

5. Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is to this particular application, this can help users learn tips and tricks related to hacking. The SQL algorithm can also get information. Apathy is a Wi-Fi network can connect to the network. Wi-Fi Security for Ethical Hacking, system protection and many other tips can be obtained. The app size is 3.7M and download required to be at the top of the Android 4.0 operating system from the phone.

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