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What is special about the iPhone 8 plus?

In New York: Coming soon new iPhone 8 to have expected a curved screen to same as Samsung S7 & edge. No any button, it means home button option also not available and working touchID also under screen.  Apple CEO Tim cook and his team be planning for the rear of the iPhone?

The USPTO's basic unharness of patents gives the general public to visualize a number of the ideas that Apple and different maker’s criteria unit functioning on. The most recent batch from Cupertino includes the delightfully sounding "Electronic Devices with Screen and bit device Structures," reports Jack Puncher of apparently Apple.

This patent describes a method wherever motion sensors will be placed around any facet of a tool allowing new input sources. The patent additionally notes that physical buttons and volume controller may be replaced by these embedded bit sensors. In essence Apple might drop this buttons and move towards touch-enabled areas on the device for the present User Interface. It might additionally open up areas for brand spanking new UI paradigms, like victimization the rear of the modern phone for fast scrolling or page turning.

Using the back-end of a portable hardware or device isn't a replacement thought. Sony's last hand-held recreation console, the notation Vita, utilized barely panel that was effectively to the rear of the screen. This was employed in numerous games to vary wherever a personality looked, to act as a 'flappy paddle' gear shift in driving games, further virtual buttons at every corner of the bit pad, or regardless of the game designers needed.

Neither would Apple be the primary smartphone manufacturer to understand the potential presented by the rear surface of a tool. From varied fingerprint readers and pulse reading sensors, to modern notification LEDs and eInk screens, the rear of the smartphone remains a district wherever makers will pioneer. With smartphones doubtless to specialize in being 'a sheet of glass with aciform edges and no buttons on the front' throughout 2017 and 2018, the rear of the French telephone can become valuable territory for innovation and differentiation.

As hardware suits more and more homogenized, a lot of try are placed on the perimeters and rear of each smartphone. It's unlikely that a touch-enabled rear panel on the iPhone would now become a primary input mechanism, there square measure way too several non-touch enabled rear panels on iOS devices presently within the market.

A patent doesn't guarantee that a method can show abreast of ensuing hardware unharness. It does not even guarantee that the hardware can ever see the sunshine of day. thus let's take this as a case of modularity, as a result of Apple will relish the challenge the traditional use of a tool to make new technological solutions that drive the imagination, a rear bit panel will meet that demand.

Much like the addition of 3D bit allowed an additional layer of interaction while not perturbing the core practicality for existing iPhone and iPad house owners, the addition of slightly panel can enable Apple to hopefully stand out from the group and portray a spirit of innovation, however the inertia of the prevailing user base implies that Tim Cook and his team can ought to take a slow biological process approach after they arrange to implement this technology.

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