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Indian Currency 2000 Rupees Note Doesn’t Have Nano GPS Chip

Tomorrow one of the biggest announce prime minister in India Narendra Modi major announce Indian currency 500 & 1000 notes to be enclose and provide new and fresh notes to be nearest branch. RBI provided 50 days exchange your current currency after not working in India. RBI has released images about new 500 and 2000 rupees notes display. This biggest announce to social sites WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. Everyone talking about new 2000 rupees notes having Nano GPS chip available or not.

This new 2000 notes available on February 2017, Most of people guess new note included with Nano GPS chip but RBI not clear or no any mention. Here some detail to easy clear in your mind.

RBI 2000 Rs. Notes Lunch on February 2017

Indian many corruption hidden “black money”, “terrorist easy printed our current 500 & 1000 rupees notes” that kind of issue RBI lunch new 2000 rs. Notes highest to come into circulation. Some expert review and professional expert feel high value and advance security movement should be more secure for black money.

How to work Nano GPS Chip?

Everyone in mind, How it works? Nano GPS chip doesn’t need any power resource. It only works as a signal reflector. Nano GPS chip signal provide satellite signal and its back specific location of GPS chip. Little bit detail gather to send satellite information from the locations. It collect 120 meters ground distance exact information for locations.

How to track Black Money?

Since Nano GPS chip included 2000 rupees notes to easy track. So, satellite exact store rupees gather in specific locations. One of the big advantage to easy track money in financial center and bank. So easy to pass or forward little information Income tax department investigations.

New Arise for Indian Currency and End of Black Money

Indian PM main goal to strictly stop black money and new 2000 rupees note to help for this mission because a wafer-thin nano GPS chip that can get a signal even "120 metres below ground level". This detail no mention in any blogs or announcement.
For more information check on twitter @ RBI (ReserveBankOfIndia)

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