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Best Pokémon Go tips and tricks for Features

Pokémon Go grow a massive success virtually from day to day. Niantic's blockbuster mobile game developing a fact of the real world using increased reality, obliged with mobile phones, cameras and GPS chips. This permits players to search, catch and train Pokémon in their own neighborhoods. The latest Pokémon Go advance update for Android includes a stack of modern features. 

Pokémon Go latest update power server

One of good news for players, a latest Pokemon Go updates is already available us. Android users easily upgrade to version 0.33.0, while iPhone users can its own version of 1.3.0. Here new version some old dump mistake to resolve with provide few good tricks or tips.

Now Pokemon Go not more power consumption game but battery saver mode to actually power save. Now earlier version some many bug with many issue generate for players. Now latest version to easy change your username or nickname. Players to be big offer to you if your name preferable to use.

Major improvements in this update include XP bonus corrections, plus a player safety warning for those who might be traveling in a vehicle. Stay tuned for the next update – we've got you covered.

Crucial improvements in latest update include XP bonus reparation, plus a gamer caution for those player to play on road or travelling in vehicle. Also another update to go all covered.

Present Pokémon Go update

An outstanding Pokemon Go update has been launched after viewed like evermore. In last updates deeper analysis and research to resolve all issue with user friendly comprehensive output. This updates improve like battle system, better animation and minor text issue resolve. In iOS version 1.1.1 few changes here some crucial detail explain.

Roadmap on Pokemon Go

Niantic' fix for the unusual footstep tracking system was easier and simpler. So players can be view more well on footprint on roadmap with accurate track path when old version inaccurate and miss some criteria.

Here some crucial features list as below

  • You can easily change your profile avatar from trainer
  • Player custom battle move on damage value
  • Resolved memory with auto power saver
  • Easy calculate to battle play in game
  • Pokémon encounter issue resolve
  • Batter map viewer

Pokemon Go updates “Improvement on Text Font”

Pokemon Go latest updates more reality display on text font with fix all issue resolve to write on game. This update check on Apple App store on version 1.0.3. Niantic not more describe about Text Font, just only few important point announce only. I think correct grammar thing to better in latest version.

Game most important part of addressing frozen pokeballs or footsteps issue, recently updates server crashed as was compliant or report on Twitter and other social sites. Its striking that Pokemon Go is chats and need to be sharp.

When Pokemon Go lunched world goes exited

Introduce 1st version available only three countries (USA, Australia and New Zealand) lunch. Still not available Play store, many players crazy one for this game but officially not launch other countries to download APK file to download and play.This game change many criteria on gaming world. Huge crowd what had been for people not like to play game or inexperienced about game and not attention for game craze.

Pokémon Go globally publish

The global rollout of Pokémon Go didn’t happen all at once, and with good reason. With server issues affecting players in multiple countries – Germany on launch day, for example – the release was gradual.
World arise of Pokemon Go didn’t occur all at once and with actual reason. Most of player compliant about server bugs players in globally. Now Germany few days ago officially lunch or release.

Pokemon global release

First one introduced on July 5 with three countries only USA, Australia and New Zealand. After day to day 13 July Germany, 14 July Great Britain, 15 July European countries, 16 July rest of European countries to lunch, 17 July in Canada, 22 July in Japan, 24 July in Hong Kong and Now 5 august recent in Asia.

If you finding latest version Pokemon Go APK file to download in android. Here some useful tip to easy latest version to upgrade. Just go to setting in android phone and click security option. So you can close security more off because some harmless virus not update for latest version and Play store. Now you can update latest version on Pokemon Go.

Now APK file to download and click for installation, once complete process finished, you can check your latest version of Pokemon Go for hunting.

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