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What is the real price of Freedom 251?

Now every mobile rumor to excite about Freedom 251, now ringing Bells Company told about 251 mobile company send on 7th July. This mobile to purchase cash on deliver with take 40rs to deliver charge. You can conform your order receiving one mail or SMS to be order confirmed.  Now freedom 251 + 40 deliver change =291 cost pay for this mobile to take 15% more one. 

Latest cheapest smartphone Freedom 251 approx. price only RS. 251 will be distributed to customers by June 30, stand for oneself the firm and its CEO, even though no one has watch the handset and many have released Ringing Bells as a Ponzi strategy. Now, a look at what has occurred so far in the Ringing Bell Freedom Rs. 251 segment.

Company firstly unit 30,000 order to accept and provide to customer who already register process done in past.  So smartphone rumor of the good news for all registered to buy Freedom 251 smartphone. So you can show below image Order No FDM 1232…… this kind of message to send.
Also, Ringing Bell's company launch mobile with HD LED TV launch in coming soon. This kind of TV market available price very high and no anyone suite into a budget so, HD LED TV cost very cheap compare of other market brands 

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