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Will Deliver Freedom 251 Smartphone Start on Friday

Ringing bells, Freedom 251 “mohit goel” 08-July-16 founder of this companies, Nodia base manufacturing plant. Freedom 251 world cheapest mobile in mobile world.  Mohit goel 1st mobile making after to Ankita  birla. She is electronic companies’ vendor on Noida mobile zone.

She is not acceptable actually deliver by owner of Freedom 251.  She also believes company is actually fraud not any criteria or about interested for this company. But mohit goel his deliver its own hand own electronic zone but to take handset its own hand whenever every negative factor or criteria to remove and clear everything about brand. This kind of other parson also negative impact removes in his mind.

Goel says to promise provide actual shipping to announce on February. Now goel actually relax in his office in phase || of the Noida SEZ.

Company also one of biggest promise at least 2 lakh approx. handset to deliver. When to start booking in only few days to 7.5 Crore people who register for Freedom 251.  This news spread every corner in mobile world.

Now, ringing bells more trusted brands and cheapest mobile provided companies in India. Also company another new office in a swank multistory enterprise building in Noida sector.

Mohit goel is to digital India campaign to grow and move quickly. Freedom 251 companies are 20 employees now just to pack and after actual deliver across India.

Freedom 251 Specifications

Whenever announce actual price set Rs. 251. He talks about to take more between 270 to 291 but company organically product price 1165. In handset to pre installing every app in free. It means no any extra charge to pay for installation for apps. In actual website many attractive and number of advertising offers of telecom companies.

Mohit goel one of the goal achieve whenever to announce cheapest mobile launch in coming soon. Now he says to provide HD LED TV in low cost in India compare of other brands.

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